Sunday, August 17, 2008


Yesterday was a very mixed emotional day. For some worst than others. I had to call Carrie three times after getting to St George to get driving directions. I'm sure it was due to her stress of leaving and not my excitement to see her. Finally we arrived at her car but was unsure which front door was hers. She finally appeared. I had my camera ready for that "first picture."
Now when she sees this picture she says, "Oh my front door....." and runs off to wipe a tear from her eyes. As a dad, I felt like I would if I was picking her up from her mission. I knew she was happy to see me but was not excited about leaving at all. I'm sure she had tears for several miles as she drove north. She'll miss her old stomping grounds, and leaving some wonderful friends, I just hope northern Utah can help her feel loved also.


Keith Welch said...

Hey it's been 3 days in a row. When are you going to announce your new blog?

Amy N. said...

Dad it is not a good thing to be talking to yourself! Thanks for bringing my little sis home. I too hope that she sticks closer by for a LONG time! I also hope that you guys survive having her live at home know they make these really cook looking "kid leashes" might not be a bad idea...just kidding! Love YA!

Crystal said...

That girl gets teary every time she gets a text from S.G. too. Are you ready to have an emotional, dramtatic girl living at home again? And add that to Landon...oh boy! If you need a break you can come sleep on my couch!! Just kidding. I'm really glad both of them are home. It's nice!

Cares said...

hahahaha.... You guys are so funny!! It was a really hard day, I didn't want to leave my sunny St. George and the life I grew to love, but it's time for a new adventure in life! Thank you for all your love and support over the pass three years I have an awesome family and I'm so excited to be closer to you all!
Dad thank you for coming down and moving me home, I really appreicate it! sorry for being a bit emotional I promise as time goes by it will be better.... I love you!!