Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Legends

Posted by PicasaHave you ever wished you could have been there when Einstein discovered the Law of Relativity. Or Newton when the fig fell on his head. How about the Wright Brothers when they actually took flight, or maybe the Moody Blues in Concert. Those very special moments of time come and go so quickly that all we have to remember it by is the stories someone wrote. Well thanks to another Legend, all of our stories are being told. She said it could be done and she lead the way to do it. And being as quick as I am, I actually captured this legend in action. That's right right here on this very blog I caught her in the act of blogging.

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Amy N. said...

LOL! Nice shot dad! I like the cool frame and touches to the picture too-I take it you got a program downloaded okay :)

LOL (lots of love)