Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quite a Stir

After reading all the comments from my last blog, I decided I had better go to the source. That's right, I saw Carly tonight and told her of all the commotion her was causing on my Blog. And this was her exact words, but you should have seen the smile on her face.

That was a long long time ago and Carrie made us do it.

Here a picture of the Boys after I asked them if they thought their dates had a fun time. You gotta love those High School Juniors.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Homecoming 2008

After all the hassles, Ashley actually went out with my baby boy. And what a cute couple. Landon really looks good with a pink tie. He was happy and looked like he had been touched by a Queen. They were joined with best buddies, Daniel and Kyle and their dates, Carly and Katie. They went and played all morning and then about 3:00 pm the girls went home and the guys went over to Daniel's home to prepare dinner. The plan was to cook it at Daniel's and eat over at ours. About 5:00 pm Landon got home and asked Mom to help him set the table. So mom started to set out the plates. But Landon had a better idea. He did not want any chairs on the end of the tables, just three chairs on one side and three on the other side. His thinking was, then he could gaze into her eyes from across the table. But then he showed his real self when he said, "Boys on one side and girls on the other." Perhaps I shouldn't have laugh right then because it really upset him. Thankfully, Carrie came to the rescue by declaring that next year things would be totally different. The table looked great and the food smelled wonderful.
We took a few pictures of the couples and group pictures and then Mom and I disappeared while they ate. Soon we heard them moving and so we knew the party was about to move on to the school and to the dance. We went out and cleaned up the mess. Only to discover that they had forgot the ice cream in the freezer. Those boys were pretty confused. Hummm I wonder why?