Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dutch John's GRANDS

Before I'm flooded with questions as to what did I do with the fish, let me explain. The fishin hole is on the way to Dutch John and so after a quick side trip, it was take the cache to the closest bar-b-que grill and fry 'em up. It was nice to see JayDee, Monica and the kids too. Just kidding, It was perfectly wonderful to see them all. Had some fantastic fireworks on Friday night and Saturday Morning we enjoyed a Boy Scout breakfast at the church. Course being out of the habit, I didn't take my camera to any of it. Saturday afternoon we about got stuck in mud and had to put it in 4 wheel drive at 'Grizzly Ridge.' Cold and wet. The car thermometer said 53 degrees. Went back to the house, loaded up with fishing gear and headed to the beach. 75 degrees and the kids had a soakin good time, so did I. So really the only picture I took on this 4th of July Weekend was after the kids were all dressed up and ready to walk to church.

How cute is this ?


(l to r)
Cora, 5. Anna,3. Jayden, 6. And Brooke 7, holding EmmaLee, 1.

Gone Fishin

Eight and a half months since my last blog deserves a little chastisement but also a little personal time. I went fishing back in June 2004 and took Kirsten and Landon. We had a great time fishing but it was cold and wet and we've never been back. Until this weekend !

Friday, 3 July 2009, I hiked back into this 'secret' lake. It was cloudy and had a lite mist of rain and fairly cold, though the mosquitoes were out in force. It was good to backpack in. I'm glad I had my GPS to help me find this fishin hole. On my second cast, I had a good 'bite' and two casts later I was pulling in a nice fat trout. I was very intregued by this fish because of the red marking on it's bottom lip. Almost a fusica orange. You might see it on the third fish from the left. The neat thing about all these fish is how dark red the meat was. It was a dark and pretty as any Salmon that I've seen. And the taste...oh the taste is sooo wonderful !
I stayed at the lake for about 45 minutes before I headed back. Didn't want anyone to worry, especially since no one could really tell the Search and Rescue where to begin looking for me. I wanted a picture of the lake and me holding the fish but that's pretty tough to do all by myself. I won't go up alone again. Beautiful day though and got back to the vehicle about 4 hours after leaving it. Hiked up, caught four beautifully colored trout, cleaned them and hiked out. What more could a man want.