Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Jobs

Okay so after 13 years with a large, well known construction company, I left and went out on my own. And I couldn't be happier. Decisions are made within minutes instead of weeks/months and with so much less stress.

So I decided to use this blog to keep everyone informed, and to encourage others to get Your own blog too.

Today I've posted a few pics of the current job I'm doing. It is above SLC near the U of U and about a mile from Hogle Zoo. The Homeowners wanted to remove the center portion of their roof and trusses and replace it with a vaulted ceiling. I've been on this job about 2 weeks and this past monday actually tore open the roof. Talk about clear cold nights. The lady of the house said she wishes she had started earlier in the year but couldn't find anyone who wanted to take on this job. We've got snow coming on Saturday so I've got my work cut out to do. No field trips to Hogle Zoo this week :(
These pics were taken with my phone and I guess they didn't turn out too bad (?)
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Amy N. said...

for a camera phone I say they turned out pretty good! I am so glad you are my dad, because you ROCK! And I am glad to see what you are up to these days!

Cares said...

Yeah ditto what Amy said, those pics are impressive! You are the sweetest Dad in the whole wide world and I LOVE you! I am excited to watch the changes you'll be making to this house, and I promise I will not laugh if you have to wobble around the house to answer the phone! :)

KNOWLES said...

LOL this if fun to see! Not only do you have that job, but in the mean time you're doing Nana and Papa's!! Maybe you should do the hard part on the grandparents and teach Jeremy the joy of working on the roof alone :) However I don't blame you if you're worried about how it would turn out :)