Saturday, November 21, 2009

My poor daughter

My poor daughter Carrie actually was out of bed before noon today, (Saturday) and gave me the wierdest look when I asked her to come outside with me. Then when I showed her what I want her to see, she really gave me a very concerned and carring look like, "it's okay dad, they have hospitals for conditions like yours." But as I was taking a photo of my discovery, I invisioned her in taking my picture and blogging me taking a picture of . . . .

. . . .Sheep poop in MY back yard. Maybe it's deer ? Naaaa I live in the city limits and there are
no deer in this part of town. Carrie is convinced it's deer droppings though. So now I ask you, who is the Crazy One ?

Just to help you decide I present Evidence A and Evidence B. Both photos were taken 3 weeks ago and with her posing from my camera.

I especially like her ears
I love my baby girl


Amy N. said...

HAHA! I think you are both CRAZY, but I have to ask "sheep? Really Dad? When was the last time you saw a sheep in your neck of the woods?" I am going to say that a deer in your "within city limits" yard is more likely than sheep, unless in the absence of children you are taking in lost sheep these days.

Crystal said...

Ha! Love it!!

Cares said...

Oh my.... Father it is on like donkey kong!!
If I am in fact crazy, it must run in the family and I did get it from you!