Saturday, September 14, 2013

VolleyBall Victory

Friday the 13th of September 2013 was no ordinary day. It was the first day in a really long time in which we drove over an hour to watch a girls volley ball game. Evanston Middle School was hosting the Mustangs of Manila Middle School. The girls from Manila had just completed the 3 hour bus ride to get there and was excited to hit the court.

The coach gave them their final instructions, wished them well and gave out the starting assignments. It was no wonder that the tallest one on the team is also the cutest. But with 10, or so, on the team and only 6 players on the court at one time, it was obvious that the star player would have to sit it out at times.

But the call finally came "Brooke Guymon, get out there and earn us some points" the coach knew the time was now to put in her A Team.

Brooke quickly put on her game face and went to work with perfect serves, returns and sets to her team mates. An awesome team player with a very cute smile.

EMS was a tough team and they didn't give the Mustangs many breaks. Brooke and her team fought back and never gave up, always looking for opportunities to slam the ball back harder. Brooke shined throughout the battle. Showing such flawless form

Even a few digs from the basement
They played well as a team and relied on each other to do their best. It was a fun afternoon but the grand finale came late in the last game of the night. The score was EMS 21, Mustangs 24. Game point for the girls of Manila. The ball was in play for several vollies, back and forth and back. Both teams were playing like Champions and the crowd was loud and anxious for a victory. Brooke was playing center and on the front line, the ball was returned to the Mustang's side. One hit and the ball was under control, the next girl set the ball perfectly to Brooke for the final slam over. But instead of the expected slam, Brooke Guymon, acting like a real pro, lightly tapped it over the net and onto the floor in front of the surprised and defeated girls of Evanston.

The crowd cheered and the girls ran around excitely. The coach came running out to give Brooke the Victory Hug
Things were pretty chaotic for a while. Even after the customary team handshakes at mid field, the Mustangs were all smiles and hugging each other. 
While the teams were still on the floor, Brooke looked over at me and asked, 
" there any question?"

"Yeah Brooke, Do you know how proud Grandma and I are of You? 
We love you


Dutch John Guymon said...

Awesome!! I love it!! Thank you so much for the pictures and amazing story!! I'm going to blame my tears on you!! :) Brooke is still on cloud nine from last night!! I love you!! Thank you for surprising her!!

Carrie said...

WAY TO GO BROOKE!!! Awesome story and awesome pics, I am one proud aunt!!