Tuesday, July 16, 2013


On March 9, 2013 my life took a turn down a path I'm not sure I want to repeat. That morning I walked into a farm store and walked out a few minutes later as a bonafide, certified and crazified All American Chicken Farmer. I am told to become a "First Class" AACF you have to blog at least three blogs in a row about your newly founded money pit and recognize that you are close to the edge....

For the past 4 months other AACF have told us that chickens start laying eggs when they are 5-6 months old. I figured it would happen sometime in August or September. I got home from my annual Scout Summer Camp last Saturday and had a left over head of lettuce which I threw into the chicken run. Not one of the chicks even looked interested in it. I figured it would just compost right there where it landed. The next morning it was gone, completely. Not even part of a leaf remained visible. So Sunday I picked some of the Swiss Chard I am trying to grow in the garden and threw it in the run. Again they wouldn't even get close to it while I watched but sometime in the night even leaf again was eaten.

Monday night after our FHE lesson at Brent and Debbie's I went out to find some more fresh greens to feed my chicks. But lo and behold.... When I peeked into the coop, a brown egg. A perfectly formed small brown egg. The perfectly formed $1000.00 (at least) small brown egg.
Can you spot it?

I was soooo excited and had to tell everyone. I texted my kids, neighbors and probably a few people I don't  even know. It was like finding the rainbow's pot of gold. It was like acing a test without studying. It was like winning the $5 lottery after weeks and weeks of playing. It never happens. The congratulatory replies began to arrive and it warmed my egg timer to know everyone cared so much. Crystal was in a different time zone and I'm sure was nearly asleep when she asked me what I was going to do with it now? I replied... "Exactly what every other All American Chicken Farmer would do....."
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Carrie said...

Yay! A proud moment for every chicken farmer... How are the other baby chicks doing? Have they been moved to the coop yet? And will you let one of your eggs hatch? Or is that against the rules?

Kirsten said...

There for a minute I thought you were going to blog about your knee surgery! :) I noticed there were 2 in the fridge yesterday. You & mom going to enjoy them soon?!

Amy N. said...

I can't wait for moms birthday breakfast and all the dutch oven goodness topped with farm fresh eggs!

Amy N. said...

PS) I thought you were going to blog about your surgery too...never saw it on facebook either :)