Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Farming chickrens"

I raised 7 kids so how tough could it be to add chickens to my family tree? 
So we went to the local farm store and picked out a brood. This turned out a lot easier then having a doctor hand me only one every couple years. We brought them home and put them in Grandma Nelsons old wash tub. They immediately set up house keeping and looked very comfortable. I even made their own shavings which was also a lot easier then making bassinets. The store told us they are all about 2 weeks old.
We invited Lily and Chi over to the chicken "shower" and they helped us name them. This is "Silky" and is definitely the softest chick of the brood. It is a bantam silk chick and will grow up to be the prettiest. It has feathers on it's feet. After only a few hours at home, Carrie declared that Silky is already showing signs of growth.
As we were taking these chicks portraits this cute little Buff Orpington took a pose which identified her as a member if the high order of Ninja's. She was the last one to receive a name. Ninja Nellie, but we'll just call her Nellie because she looks like a Grandma Nelson kind of chicken. We were told that this breed is usually the "mama" of the brood. Hopefully she'll take good care of her sisters.
The last one we brought home today is Cocoa. She is a pretty striped "Americano." She will lay easter eggs. Usually light blues and greens, and they will be smaller eggs. 

We decided to get chicks to grow so that we could have fresh eggs. But now that we have had them for several hours, I decided that I also like the soft little chirps they all make. It's kind of comforting. I am sure as they grow and become adults, their noises will change too. We are also hoping that one day we aren't awoken with crowing. The store said there is no guarantee as to cockerels/pullets or in other words boy/girls in picking out chicks. Maybe by 8 weeks a real chicken farmer could begin to tell. I didn't get to pick my kids either and they all turned out perfect.

PS. We are already planning to take Lily and Chi to the farm store next weekend and have them help pick out 3 more chicks. Look out Colonel Sanders, you'll soon have major competition. 


Amy N. said...

awe, LOVE at first sight! So excited to meet your new additions.

Kirsten said...

How funny! You should blog more often ;)Can't wait to try a fresh egg!

Crystal said...

Fun! I, too, am excited to meet my new family members. I only wish I could meet them in the cute chick stage, not so much in the grown chicken, peck your hand if you try to hold me stage!

Carrie said...

I miss those little chicks already! What a fun new adventure, you raised 7 kids great, the chicks should be a piece of cake! :)