Monday, February 11, 2013

I get distracted TOO easily

 So I was actually working one day last week and driving home from the local Home Depot when suddenly along side the road a huge bird arose from the side of the road, right out my left side window. It then proceeded to fly parallel the road exactly the same speed as I was driving. I saw the white head and tail feathers and about drove off the road. This Bald Eagle continued to tease me until I finally pulled over. I just happened to have my camera with me and I was soon clicking away. There were two Bald Eagles and at times would act like they were wrestling in mid air. I never could focus the camera when they were like that. They soon landed and then I saw another huge bird in the undercover. I looked again and decided it was a Golden Eagle. I only got one picture of it but look at the colors of golds and browns on it. I especially like the picture of the Golden Eagle because it looks like I am looking down from above it as it comes in for a landing. I was definitely feeling like I was "higher than an Eagle" by the time I left to go back to work. The rest of the day, though, all I wanted to do was go back and take more pictures.
Golden Eagle landing
Soaring Bald Eagle

P.S. With this new camera and maybe some luck I'll blog more often than every 3 1/2 years.


Amy N. said...

Those are awesome shots Dad!

Crystal said...

So cool. I like the idea of you blogging more often - pictures or not!

Carrie said...

Awesome pictures, and what an experience! Ingredients to a great day! :)