Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gone Fishin

Eight and a half months since my last blog deserves a little chastisement but also a little personal time. I went fishing back in June 2004 and took Kirsten and Landon. We had a great time fishing but it was cold and wet and we've never been back. Until this weekend !

Friday, 3 July 2009, I hiked back into this 'secret' lake. It was cloudy and had a lite mist of rain and fairly cold, though the mosquitoes were out in force. It was good to backpack in. I'm glad I had my GPS to help me find this fishin hole. On my second cast, I had a good 'bite' and two casts later I was pulling in a nice fat trout. I was very intregued by this fish because of the red marking on it's bottom lip. Almost a fusica orange. You might see it on the third fish from the left. The neat thing about all these fish is how dark red the meat was. It was a dark and pretty as any Salmon that I've seen. And the taste...oh the taste is sooo wonderful !
I stayed at the lake for about 45 minutes before I headed back. Didn't want anyone to worry, especially since no one could really tell the Search and Rescue where to begin looking for me. I wanted a picture of the lake and me holding the fish but that's pretty tough to do all by myself. I won't go up alone again. Beautiful day though and got back to the vehicle about 4 hours after leaving it. Hiked up, caught four beautifully colored trout, cleaned them and hiked out. What more could a man want.


Dutch John Guymon said...

...and boy did they taste good!! thanks Dad

Amy N. said...

Yeah it is about time for a new update. Jealous that I didn't get to eat any of your catch.